Hearing Birdsong

Angela walks in the woods. She knows the old routes like she knows the length of her stride or the back of her hand. She knows how the light plays through the leaves in autumn and the exact density of the frozen earth in winter. She knows the smells of the seasons. But most of all she knows the songs of the birds that greet her; the little melodies of her daily pilgrimage. 

One day, the songs start fading. They fade so softly and so slowly that Angela doesn't hear them slipping away. But they keep fading. And one day Angela is walking in the woods, and there are no more melodies. 

There are 9 million people living in the UK with undiagnosed hearing loss.  Angela's story inspired us to change this.

We're creating a non-invasive product inspired by nature to engage people with hearing loss and improve their access to diagnosis and treatment - so that, like Angela, they can get the help they need to hear all of life's melodies.

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